A true gentleman needs no bold features and obnoxious slogans.

He needs a personalized, high-quality fashion piece with the utmost attention to detail.

01. Selecting the best style and the right fabric

We can take your measurements or you could visit a tailor or do this yourself.

Then our designers will show you a wide selection of fabrics for your suit. You can choose a fabric according to your requirements. Then we proceed to taking accurate body measurements. Over fifteen accurate body measurements are taken and a custom fit is created using a tailoring software.

02. Cutting and sewing

The fabric you choose is passed on to the tailor, architect and designer of your suit.

Your chosen fabric is passed on to a designer, who analyzes your measurements and photos and creates a custom pattern, thus laying the initial foundations of the suit. The fabric goes through a special steam press to avoid shrinkage or loosening. The pre-created cut is cut out, and individual elements are reinforced.

One of the most important operations is the sewing method. At Maniac, we use high-tech machines and presses, as well as all-natural threads and materials, to craft your world-class suit. A great deal of the process is done by hand, for greater precision.

03. Final touches

Final ironing and issuing within a few hours if you are in Asenovgrad or within 1-2 days if you are elsewhere.

The next step is attaching the lining and sleeves, after which your suit is ready to try on. At this stage, you will consult with our designers for any additional alterations that may be required – so that your suit fits like a glove. They will offer you their professional opinion, but we encourage you to express your own wishes about any changes you want. If the fitting is done in the morning, the suit can be finished and ironed within the same day.

Once you’ve made sure everything is perfect, it’s time to pick up the suit and immerse yourself in the true luxury of fashion.

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